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TV Production Cuts Carbon Emissions by 10% in Two Years

Bafta albert’s recently published Annual Report inspires and encourages the screen industries to continue the journey to net-zero carbon emissions. Full of information on how far the industry has already come, the report also highlights environmental priorities and how to deliver them. Although eliminating the impact of carbon usage within the production process is key, the vision is to encourage content creators to communicate climate messaging in their productions. These two objectives offer the opportunity for profound change.

Bafta albert reports a 10% reduction to 9.2 tCO2e/hr, for the average production’s carbon footprint in 2019 compared to 2017. Carbon emissions have reduced across the production process but for the future major carbon contributors such as travel and energy must be addressed by everyone in the industry to have a truly meaningful impact.



Albert’s carbon calculator, first introduced in 2011, has evolved over the years to reflect current production processes and the availability of carbon saving technology. Sargent-Disc’s own Digital Production Office® is a good example of the innovations in technology. In response to international demand, albert is building an international calculator with the flexibility to evaluate a variety of locations and currencies at all stage of the production cycle. The tool will support UK productions filming abroad to measure their impact more accurately.

Sargent-Disc is proud to be a Bafta albert partner and to have the opportunity to support it. The company helps the screen industry by providing low carbon services and the Digital Production Office® a suite applications which include Payroll, CrewStart, Payslip, Purchase Orders (DPO)PSL+ accounting, the Production Card and Studio+. The easy to use software reduces the use of paper on productions and can help to provide oversight on carbon choices. DPO alone saves nearly a tonne of carbon on an average large budget production, whilst it’s Travel Authorisation function for cast and crew can help a production focus on low carbon modes of transport.

Albert has a busy year ahead – it is going to continue to support the film and TV industry to adapt policies, strategies and ways of working to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. It will be working in partnerships, undertaking research and providing practical tools as well as communicating best practice and education.

Congratulations to albert on its work to date – Sargent-Disc is looking forward to working with it and being part of this exciting journey for the next twelve months.

Read the full albert Annual Report here.

Find out more about the Digital Production Office applications here.

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