Creating the Digital Production Office® – Start+ and Cast & Crew Studio

It’s time to leave paper behind. The demand to go digital is at our doorstep.


In this next installment of our webinar series, Cast & Crew Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy Ivana Malcolm and team take you on a deep dive into day-to-day use of Start+ and Cast & Crew Studio to set up your Digital Production Office®. We’ll explore how these flexible, scalable systems can streamline production workflow while increasing the quality, security and speed of your payroll process.


Register now to learn how you could save hundreds of hours and pages on your next production.


Join the webinar to:

  • Learn how to get your production up and running in a digital workspace using our digital onboarding and production workflow software
  • Get an in-depth demonstration of Start+ and Cast & Crew Studio. Learn how to leverage both systems to further develop your Digital Production Office
  • See how our flexible digital workflows can accommodate your production need


Webinar Details:

Date: Wednesday 24th June, 2020

Time: 12:00pm PT (US and Canada)

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