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The freelance nature of the entertainment industries can make organising and disseminating onboarding paperwork a time consuming task for large or small productions. A challenge for production companies can be handling approval mechanisms, a typically time-consuming and inefficient process in which freelancer signatures are at risk of falling between the gaps. Executives can find too much of their time taken up with chasing the paper trail.


CrewStart™, Sargent-Disc’s onboarding application, is designed to help your team automate the processing of contracts, start forms, daily rate vouchers and timesheets. It enables productions to sign contracts securely and submit start paperwork, calculate timesheets, approve documents and ensure the accuracy of auditable reports; streamlining the whole process whilst reducing administration.


Following feedback from users of the software, CrewStart™ now has a Dashboard feature that allows users to view key summary data in one place. For users in management roles such as executives and CEOs, this is particularly significant as it helps them to track activity across all their projects, allowing for clear insight of contracting across the company.


The Dashboard feature allows users to view reports for a project using a selection of filters including date range and envelope status. For instance, the dashboard enables users to find pending envelopes quickly and track their progress or ensure new starters get set up on the payroll promptly. Users will only be able to view data they have access to at each level i.e. a department head will only have visibility within the department for which they have responsibility.



[Figure 1: CrewStart™ Dashboard showing Envelope ratio by template, Monthly envelope report and New starters]



Users can filter the data that is returned by selecting a date range with the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dropdowns at the top of the page.

There are three components that form the dashboard:

•          Envelope sent by type

•          Envelopes sent per month

•          New Starters




[Figure 2: Envelope ratio by Template report within the CrewStart™ Dashboard]





1.      Envelopes Sent by Type


The ‘Envelope ratio by Template’ section details the different envelope templates that have been set up for a project along with the number of envelopes that have been sent out for each. Users can also utilise the ‘Filter by[Envelope]Status’ option for this section.



2.      Envelopes Sent per Month


The ‘Monthly envelope report’ section (Figure 3) shows a line graph which plots the number of envelopes sent each month within the date range specified. Users also have the option to filter this list by the envelope status.




[Figure 3: Monthly envelope report within the CrewStart™ Dashboard]


3.      New Starters


The ‘New Starters’ section as shown in Figure 1 lists the basic details of crew members’ whose start dates fall within the selected date range.


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CrewStart™ is part of the Digital Production Office® suite of software, which is designed to increase efficiency and save time whilst reducing costs and the carbon footprint of production. For more information, click here.

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