Digital Purchase Order – Advanced Search Feature

Digital Purchase Order, the cloud-based procurement software, simplifies the purchase order workflow, removing the need for multiple emails and manual circulation. The software now has an Advanced Search feature that enables users to search for POs in more detail.



[Figure 1: Advanced Search filter button]


Clicking on the funnel icon (Figure 1) opens the Advanced Search filter dialogue box. The dialogue box can be minimised by clicking the arrow in the top right of the box and closed by clicking Exit at the bottom.


The Advanced Search feature provides a range of filter options to search by:

  • Sort: this determines how the visible POs are ordered:
    • P.O. No. (ascending): PO numbers going smallest to largest
    • P.O. No. (descending): PO numbers going largest to smallest
    • Most recent: POs created most recently
    • Least recent: POs created least recently
    • Last modified: The most recent PO to be modified (eg. amended or approved)


The next section searches for POs based on three different categories:

  • Approval status(more than one can be selected)
  • Closed
  • Paid


Selecting different options enables you to filter POs by more than one category. A user can also filter out POs created or approved within a certain date range, by PO number range, and whether or not the PO number is visible.

Users can also create a search based on the account codes of line items, text contained in the PO description, delivery status, order number and delivery date range.



[Figure 2: Advanced Search feature dialogue box within Digital Purchase Order]



*The Advanced Search feature allows the user to save a default set of search options*

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