DPO Invoice Approval now available

Developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic limiting the ability to distribute paper, we are delighted to launch the new Invoice Approval feature for the Digital Purchase Order(DPO) web application. The feature helps to streamline the process of approving expenses safely and securely whilst working remotely, on set or in the office. DPO helps productions to work safely under the post Covid-19 protocols that encourage paperless workflows and the digital approval of POs.

How it works

DPO users can currently track deliveries and log invoices against purchase orders, whether full or partial. When logging an invoice within DPO, the user is able to match it against specific deliveries, allowing end-to-end tracking of the purchasing process – PO to delivery to invoice.

The new Invoice Approval feature enables users to upload PDFs of the invoices and send them around the PO’s approval chain. The invoices can be approved independently of the PO, but by default use the same approval chain of the POs. A new Invoice Approvals tab within the approval list displays any outstanding invoices awaiting approval.

Admins are now able to configure a separate approval chain for invoices that is different from the parent PO.

Alongside this, some new admin authorisations are available for the user roles under the ‘Invoice Settings’ section.

* Invoice Settings – manages admin access to invoicing mode, enable & require attachments
* Invoice Approval – manages admin access to invoice approval settings
* Approval Levels – manages admin access to the approval level definition used for invoices, including the “Use P.O. Approval Chain” checkbox
* Approval Levels: Manage Approvers – allows a user without the “Manage Users” permission to assign / remove approvers using the approval level editor in Invoices tab

Future phases of development will include additional functionality, such as the ability to export invoices, receive email notifications and search for invoices.

Contact us for a demo of Digital Purchase Order and its features at sales@sargent-disc.com


 [Advanced Invoice Entry Screen]

[Invoice Approval List]

[Individual Invoice to Approve]


[PO with deliveries and invoices listed]

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