Sargent-Disc is now Carbon Neutral


Sargent-Disc is pleased to announce that it is now a certified Carbon Neutral organisation. Over the past few years, Sargent-Disc has been working hard to learn more about climate change and methods of incorporating sustainable best practices on production. During this time, we have been involved in and chaired a number of panel discussions exploring eco-friendly production processes, and attended several carbon literacy training sessions held by albert. We also launched our Digital Production Office®* last year in order to encourage our clients to reduce their carbon emissions and increase efficiency through the use of paperless, digital software.


With the need and desire to maintain more eco-friendly production processes, Sargent-Disc has calculated its emissions and is committed to offsetting the spend. To compensate for our own carbon output we are contributing to the Florestal Santa Maria Reducing Deforestation project in Brazil and planting 50 trees at a school in London; helping to prevent climate change and create space for wildlife.


For more information about how to become carbon neutral, click here.


Discovering sustainable ways to protect our natural environment, whilst not hindering innovation or our way of life, has been an important ongoing discussion over the last decade. Following the successful negotiation of the 2015 Paris Agreement on the reduction of climate change there has been a worldwide effort to implement eco-friendly best practices into everyday life.


The Film and television industries’ efforts behind the camera play an important part in the campaign for better sustainable practices whilst also providing a worldwide platform via the messages portrayed on screen.


To learn more about some of the initiatives currently available in the industry, click here.


*The Digital Production Office®, the company’s suite of mobile friendly apps and software, is designed to increase efficiency and save time whilst reducing costs and the carbon footprint on production. It includes Payroll, Payslip, Payscales, CrewStart™ and Digital Purchase Order as well as the Production Card. Find out more at

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