Sargent-Disc’s Digital Payroll Workflow

Sargent-Disc’s end-to-end digital payroll and auto-enrolment workflow includes CrewStart™ start forms, contracts and timesheets, secure payroll messaging and reporting, and online payslips accessible by employees. The system has been designed to allow safe, efficient, remote working for production and accounts teams.

Due to the current pandemic and in order to avoid paper usage we are asking all of our clients to use CrewStart, our digital onboarding platform. Integrated with Sargent-Disc’s payroll, CrewStart improves accuracy and streamlines the payroll process, allowing the digital approval and signing of contracts and other start paperwork. Other key features include hot costing and electronic timesheets to save you time and provide real time visibility of labour costs.



Onboarding your crew has never been easier. With CrewStart you can use your existing production start paperwork and contracts to streamline the on-boarding process from initial invitation and completion through to final approval and signing. Crew only need to complete their data once and can re-use it when completing another start form.


Hot Costing

CrewStart allows your production to track the time and attendance of your crew in order to ensure that they are paid accurately. It enables hot costs to be tracked in real time giving your accounts team an accurate view of labour spend, even when operating under complex union rules such as the Pact/Bectu Feature Film Agreement.



At the end of each week CrewStart is able to batch generate timesheets and send them for completion, signing and approval around an approval chain that is specific to each department. From the moment that a batch is created your payroll worksheet is available and ready, saving your team days of breaking out timecards manually!


Payroll & Auto Enrolment

Integration with Sargent-Disc’s payroll systems ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the payroll process. Gone are the days of deciphering handwriting and dealing with missing information on start paperwork. All of your crew payroll data and reports are available via the web and the iOS and Android Payroll applications.


Payslips & Notices

With one login your crew are able to see their payroll record on the Web or on the iOS and Android Payslip applications. Payslips, Auto Enrolment and other notices are published securely each time a payment is made and a full payment history is available for each crew member and artist to run on demand.


Production Workflows

CrewStart has a range of templates that can be adapted to your exact requirements to enable any other documents or data to be approved by the production and each department.


With an end-to-end digital workflow you can onboard and pay your crew safely, securely, efficiently and sustainably. For further information or an online demo of CrewStart please contact

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