CrewStartTM Features


Mobile friendly SSL security

Provides an encrypted link between CrewStartTM and your device, enabling you to view the relevant documents securely on your phone, tablet or computer.


A two-step verification system for new users

All new users go through a two step verification process when logging in for the first time, to ensure the security and accuracy of your data.


Customised approval chains

Each envelope of documents has its own approval chain to ensure that each form is reviewed, approved and signed by the relevant people.


Electronic signatures

All document signatures are logged with time and location data, ensuring the approval process is secure and auditable.


Use existing documents and contracts

Our programmers can configure CrewStartTM to fill out your existing standard forms, just supply us with the documents.


Auto-fill for repeat users

CrewStartTM enables users to auto-fill data entered in previous forms, for review and if necessary, adjustment.


Configurable forms and templates

Your company forms are set to ensure that the right information is written in the right place, with no duplication of data entering.


Direct hire, loan out and daily rate forms available

These forms can be customised to fit your production’s requirements.


Field mapping from online forms

CrewStartTM asks the relevant questions determined by the client, and prints the answer in the right place, avoiding the need to repeatedly enter the same information.


Export collected data to Excel

All envelopes can be exported directly to Excel, with a different tab for each document envelope.


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