How it works

To get you started, Sargent-Disc will assist in setting up your CrewStart™ project by: setting up your CrewStart™ envelopes, digital collections of documents containing things such as start forms, contracts, company policies and timesheets, setting out approval chains for each envelope, determining who has to electronically approve and sign the envelopes completed by a new crew member, and inviting the approvers for each envelope type as well as the project administrators.


Start Forms/contracts distributed

A member of your production or accounts office sends out envelopes for crew members to complete. The initial information entered on these forms may include things like start date, job title, salary information and any allowances a crew member may claim. There are also options for crew members to request forms envelopes containing certain documents e.g. timesheets.


2. Crew members complete paperwork

Once the crew member receives the envelope, they can fill it out with their personal information, such as address, national insurance and payment details. They can then review the information entered as a PDF of the form. When they are satisfied, they can electronically sign and approve the envelope.


3. Paperwork signed/approved

The completed envelope then progresses through an approval chain determined by the production, which can vary based on the envelope type. Approvers such as UPMs, Financial Controllers and Talent Managers can electronically sign and approve the envelopes from their computer or mobile device. All completed envelopes are held securely online, for audit and review.


4. Start forms sent to Sargent-Disc

The gathered information is submitted to payroll for onboarding and the information for processing the weekly/monthly payroll is also submitted using our secure messaging service.


5. Payslips available

Crew members can review their payslips online using the Payslip application, on their computer, tablet or mobile device, containing information on all salary, expenses, tax and deductions for that payrun.


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