The Payscales web application assists users with budgeting for production in the UK’s busy film and television industries. The application enables them to budget crew costs accurately by viewing the median and upper and lower quartiles of the salaries for a wide range of departments and roles, from a Rigger in Construction to Financial Controller in Accounts. It is compatible with all major web browsers supported by mobiles, tablets and computers.

Sargent-Disc’s award-winning payroll services assist with the payment of cast, crew and other employees in a range of currencies throughout the world. For more information about the Payroll service click here.


Industry Standard Data


Search by Department


Assists with Budgeting


Accessible 24/7


Mobile Friendly Application

Sargent-Disc is delighted to be a finalist in the Specialist Payroll Provider category at the 2016 Payroll World Awards. The Specialist Payroll Provider Award honours a company which demonstrates innovative solutions for their market and delivers significant business benefits to clients. Founded in 1986, we have worked closely with our clients in the entertainment industry […]

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